Premium Package - 1 year

Purchase premium package for one year.

Premium Package - 1 year

With premimum package you get a paid advertisement and complete detailed listing of all your contact information.

This way, all leads are sent directly to you and you get full benefit from customers that are using your site or services.

By purchasing this package, beside basic information that is shown in your listing, you also are allowed to show following information:

* Phone (one main phone number, optionally 3 phone numbers)

* Web site (you get a direct dofollow link to your site, which is a great benefit for SEO and Google ranking)

* Video (if you want you can send us up to 3 videos about your business)

* Exact address

* Links to your social network profiles (Instagram, Facebook etc)

After one year, you stay listed on our site, however all above info will be removed and all requests will go trough us. In any moment you can renew this or any other marketing package on our site.

Premium Package - 1 year

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