Basic Package

In order to appear on our site, you need to have at least basic marketing package.

Basic Package

With Basic package, you get a listing of your business with just a few basic information listed.

This way all eventual requests go trough us and you are required to pay us a commission in case of booking.

In case that you have active affiliate program and you activate our affiliate account, we can use that if it pays at least 15% commission. In that case, you are NOT required to sign our intermediary agreement and pay commission for each lead that we generate. You are still required to pay our listing fee for basic package.

If you get a basic package, we will only show a most basic information and up to 5 images of your business or property.

Detailed information like your phone, web site, videos, exact address and links to your social network profiles (Instagram, Facebook etc) are available only with premium packages.

You will see all our payment options after you create your order.

Basic Package

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