Tips on Car Hire in Malaga

Booking car hire in Malaga is easy and surprisingly cheap. Being one of Spains most popular tourist destinations Malaga car hire companies are competitively priced, which is good news for all us tourists. With over 30 car companies at the airport alone you can be sure to find the right kind of vehicle for your trip.

Tips on Car Hire in Malaga

Malaga is the port city of Spain and is perfectly situated on a bay of the Mediterranean Sea. Of the eight provinces in Andalucia, Spain, Malaga is where the very popular holiday resorts of the Costa del Sol are located. Highly intriguing, the town of Malaga boasts of a prosperous and rich history with museums, cathedrals, and theaters offering visitors an assortment of delights to do and see. Hiring a car in Malaga is recommended for traveling freely within the city and around it. Also, it beats public transportation in terms of convenience.

Car hire in Malaga is, fortunately, hassle-free. All the leading names in car hire, including Avis, Enterprise Rent a car, Budget and Hertz, giving tourists discounts and weekend specials. All operators in the region believe in quality and efficient services prompting claims of low-cost, affordable car hire in Malaga. The ones lacking a presence at the airport compensate with free delivery and collection.

Despite being straightforward, tourists should keep some tips on car hire in mind while in Malaga:

  • Air-conditioning is a must in the rental car due to the year round warm weather, with the summer months getting even hotter.
  • Irrespective of the claims that all car hire companies provide lowest priced and the most efficient services, it is necessary to compare car types and additional costs for mileage and prices, whether online or physically.
  • Those using a different mode of transport for arrival in Malaga city and require a car on hire should hire one near their accommodation. It makes things much more simple.
  • Complying with the new Spanish road laws requires a written contract for reservation of a child’s car seat in accordance to the size and weight.

Remember, judicious car hire, whether in Malaga or elsewhere, is a test of patience. However, doing it calmly and in timely fashion can ensure a perfect holiday or business trip with Malaga airport car hire providers. Therefore, one of the most important tips for car hire in Malaga is to hire one at the airport itself to drive around freely in the bustling tourist destination. It also eliminates confusion and exhausting transfers from one public transport to another.

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