Car Hire in Cyprus

Cyprus car hire offers the cheapest price on car rentals. Rent a car online and save money and time.

Car Hire in Cyprus

Your trip to Cyprus is incomplete until and unless you discover and appreciate its beauty. Generally, in a tourist vehicle or public transport, you tend to see what your guide and others show you. But for a truly memorable Cyprus holiday and unraveling the beauty of the island, it’s best to opt for hiring a car. Tourists have, for long, preferred traveling by car, as they want to appreciate the natural beauty of Cyprus. There are many destinations in the island that can’t be accessed by travelers through public transportation. But you don’t worry, as there are well-paved, visitor-friendly roads that run through scenic Mediterranean landscapes.

Cyprus is noted for its warmth, taverns and amazing sandy beaches. The island is full of attractions and destinations of cultural and historical significance. So it is no wonder that Cyprus remains packed with tourists all through the year.

Great discounted rates are available for car hire in Cyprus, particularly in Paphos. Car hire in Cyprus is the means to unveil the hidden charms of the Northern parts of the island. Tourists interested in car hire in Cyprus can search online. Car hire in Cyprus from a car hire company is the ideal way to explore the place and have family day outs. Car hire companies in Cyprus also provide new rental cars at all-inclusive rates, and online instant quote facility in a range of cars.

Car hire in Cyprus requires the renter to be not less than 21 years of age. He must have a valid driver’s license of any country for a minimum of three years. Those with small children are advised to reserve child safety seats online at the time of booking. A valid driver’s license from one’s respective country or an international driver’s license is all you need to hire a car in Cyprus. The license should be valid for the class of vehicle you want to hire, a motorcycle, passenger car, or some other vehicle.

In Cyprus, drivers drive on left and the road signs are in both English and Greek. Tourists heading to Cyprus for its cultural wealth as well as those seeking the spectacular natural beauty will find car hire a preferred method of travel.

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